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I had experienced my own Native culture before ever having known its origin, and I wonder how many people are the same as me?
I’ve had everything from people throwing their beer bottles at me and screaming, and...

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@TheRoot @RoomMagazine @AborArtsStories @VAHEMagazine @MUSKRATMAGAZINE Plz RT @QueerofGender wants submissions from QTPoC & Aboriginal folk! 1 day 15 hours ago
Janet Rogers in conversation with Tanya @tagaq on Native Waves Radio talking @PolarisPrize nomination and #sealfie. 1 day 19 hours ago
@MUSKRATMAGAZINE CANADIAN FIRST NATIONS & AMERICAN INDIANS Offer Economic Map for SCOTLAND Survival … … Huy'ch'qu' JV$ 3 days 4 hours ago
@MUSKRATMAGAZINE "called Caribs not because they would eat human flesh, but because they defended their homes well." 1 week 19 hours ago
“non-Indigenous history is an invention of dominant society, written to exclude...

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This issue we asked the experts, Theytus and Kegedonce- two of Canada’s Indigenous...
Arthur Manuel is spokesperson and founder of the Defenders of the Land and a spokesperson...
Idle No More Offers Up Meaningful-Co-Existence, Happiness, and Human Survival
Birth & Parenting
Rebeka Tabobundung discusses her exploration of traditional birth and parenting knowledge...
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Aboriginal women are the real threat to the status quo and pose the greatest threat to...
…she was this conglomeration of all these different women in my life, you know, aunts,...
Interview with Darlene Ritchie, President of Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre...