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MUSKRAT Magazine's Graphic Designer, Aimee Rochard, shows off her freshly rocked mocs.
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Moccasins are a way of connecting ourselves to our ancestors, our traditions, and our cultural pride.
Photo Credit: Jonathon Potskin
Awowakii means “Crossing over, a term that is applied to men who live as/or have...

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Food advocate warrior and Accidental Caterer, John Croutch redefines our relationship to...

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Birth & Parenting
"…Kill the Indian in the child…I want to get rid of the Indian problem… Our objective is...
Rhymes for Young Ghouls
...I’ve taken to calling it positivity porn. How do you go through these atrocities and...
Arthur Manuel is spokesperson and founder of the Defenders of the Land and a spokesperson...
Until colonialism ends and our access to the wealth of the country is restored on terms...
Interview with Darlene Ritchie, President of Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre...
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Original Painting: Fanny Aishaa. Original Photo: Ossie Michelin/APTN Picturing Amanda Polchies
MUSKRAT celebrates the following Indigenous heroes of today that we are inspired by! We...