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MUSKRAT Magazine's Graphic Designer, Aimee Rochard, shows off her freshly rocked mocs.
Muskrat Magazine Staff
Moccasins are a way of connecting ourselves to our ancestors, our traditions, and our cultural pride.
Photo Credit: Jonathon Potskin
Awowakii means “Crossing over, a term that is applied to men who live as/or have...

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My son and I were working on a stop-motion animation that involved drawings etched in...

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Visual Art by Tannis Nielsen
Photo: Mark Dusseault
...the nation is in great need to see strong and inspiring Native women—who swim in...
Excerpted from the forthcoming book Islands of Decolonial Love, published November 2013...
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Illustration by John Kahionhes Fadden (Mohawk)
I wrote this as a poem for children, to tell a simple version of the Creation Story, as...
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Special Visioning Across the Pillars of White Supremacy
Photo Credit: Crystal Schick, Winnipeg Free Press
"We did this for our community, we did this for Indigenous people and to create...