Heal & Decolonize
The results of the poll are disturbing however, what is questionable is the design and language of the poll itself.
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MUSKRAT Magazine's Graphic Designer, Aimee Rochard, shows off her freshly rocked mocs.
Muskrat Magazine Staff
Moccasins are a way of connecting ourselves to our ancestors, our traditions, and our...

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It's round dance season&we want to see what mocs you'd rock! Tweet us your #RoundDanceMocs #MuskratMocs #RockYourMocs for next week's list! 2 hours 41 min ago
Moccasins are a way of connecting to our ancestors, traditions, & our cultural pride. | http://t.co/c91yad8uc6 #RockYourMocs #RYM14 2 hours 43 min ago
10 Mocs from #RockYourMocs #RYM14 | http://t.co/H7icTx4gXq TWEET US UR mocs for our next list! #MuskratMocs #RoundDanceMocs #MocsOut 21 hours 56 min ago
Congratulations @Nadia_Myre for winning the Sobey Art Award! #Indigenous #Art #Represent http://t.co/M14n0zWexf 22 hours 39 min ago
RT @HarshaWalia: RT: Media Advisory "RCMP arrests on #BurnabyMountain will not deter opposition to #KinderMorgan" https://t.co/BdjB42H8xH 22 hours 44 min ago
Richard Van Camp's 'The Lesser Blessed' originally published in 1996 is now a major...

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No Reconciliation without Restoration
Jan welcomes us into "Dotah's" House where the door is always open to listen, learn, heal...
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Birth & Parenting
Rebeka Tabobundung discusses her exploration of traditional birth and parenting knowledge...
Clayton Thomas-Muller at the Peoples' Social Forum
Photo Essay from Activist and Photographer, Ben Powless
New to the Scene
Osha Paddle Board & Yoga brings stand up paddle boarding lessons, yoga and guided...
Lindsay Eekwol Knight w/DJ Kookum
A Showcase of Indigenous Female Hip Hop Acts.